A place to grow.

Tackle new challenges, learn alongside clients and colleagues, and become a real expert in your profession. At Inhouse Tech we work with an exciting range of projects, and always keep developing.

Job Openings

Spontaneous application

We always welcome spontaneous applications. Send your resumé to and tell us a bit about yourself. 

Our core values


Community, care and respect

Our corporate culture is characterised by a strong sense of community where everybody is included. Inhouse Tech aims to be a stable workplace where everyone feels safe and we show care and respect. This gives everyone space to develop, means that we overcome bigger challenges together, and makes it fun to go to work.


Responsibility and an overall perspective

At Inhouse Tech, everybody gets the opportunity to become a true expert in their profession. You take on great responsibility within your role, but are never alone with your task. We work in small teams where colleagues with different experiences can learn from each other, gain an overall perspective on our projects and find smart new ways of solving problems.


Good leadership

The way to develop is to face new challenges, learn from mistakes, dare to ask questions and take in new knowledge. That requires supportive leadership and a positive working climate with clear, open communication. To build our strength for the future, we also help our younger talents develop their leadership abilities.

Inhouse tech people

Get to know a few of us a little more.

Development comes from facing new challenges, learning from mistakes, daring to ask questions and absorbing new knowledge.