True competence

These are challenging and exciting times to be developing cities and infrastructure. Climate change and a growing population place high demands on sustainable new solutions in our cities. And it all needs to happen quickly.

Here at Inhouse Tech, we handle the high pace of change around us by constantly building on our expertise. What we design today has to meet all the current requirements and last for generations. So we have to really know what we’re doing.

We deliver solid solutions on time and share our expertise. This gives our clients peace of mind and enables them to take on new challenges and meet constantly changing requirements. It may sound like a contradiction, but genuine craftsmanship is the best foundation for coping with rapid change.

Our guiding principles


A Learning company

Knowledge and expertise must always be refilled and renewed. We have a learning climate and share our knowledge with colleagues, clients and business partners. Through collaboration and experience feedback, we can develop better and more effective solutions.


Forward Looking

What keeps Inhouse Tech moving forward is our personnel’s helpful attitude, professional pride, and drive to always to get better at their craft. Another important pillar is our Future Group. This is where some of us, in different roles and with different experiences, come together to develop the company and ensure we can meet the demands of the future.



At Inhouse Tech, we strive to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We foster a good working environment and work systematically with gender equality and equal opportunities. A climate where we affirm the equal value of everyone is as important internally as it is in contacts with clients and business partners.

Genuine craftsmanship is the best foundation for coping with rapid change.

We think this is important

Enviromental policy

Inhouse Tech shall strive to support our clients in making eco-conscious choices that reduce the environmental impact of projects. We do this by having the expertise to predict the environmental impact arising from each decision throughout the process. Environmental awareness shall also be applied to internal operations. Through continuous improvement and compliance with environmental legislation and industry requirements, we shall conduct modern, proactive environmental work.

Quality policy

Inhouse Tech Göteborg AB shall always maintain the right quality in the projects we undertake for our clients.

We fulfil this policy by:

  • Fulfilling our obligations on time.
  • Understanding our clients’ demands and expectations.
  • Maintaining a close collaboration with the client, always with the aim of establishing long-term customer relations.
  • Suggesting the solutions that are of most benefit to the client, bearing in mind the entire life cycle of the project.
  • Ensuring our personnel are competent and realise that everything they do has an impact on the overall quality.
  • Prioritising preventive quality measures and always striving for improvements in quality.
  • Assuring quality in all processes in our operation.
  • Systematically taking on board information from the market to enable continuous improvement.

    Health & Safety policy

    Inhouse Tech strives to be a workplace with safe and healthy conditions that encourage development with regard to the physical and mental working environment, both at our own offices and at customer sites. We also endeavour to be a workplace that’s characterised by our shared values of care and respect, so that all our personnel can thrive and develop both as professionals and individuals. The latest legislation in health, safety and working environment is the starting point for our work in this area, and we strive constantly to improve our working environment.

    To achieve this, Inhouse Tech and all our personnel work together to deal with health and safety issues systematically. We actively work to ensure that all our personnel have the right knowledge, expertise, resources and permissions to promote a healthy working environment with a reasonable workload.

    At Inhouse Tech, all personnel have a shared responsibility to work actively for health and safety, and to strive for continuous improvement.

    Privacy Policy

    On 25 May 2018, Sweden’s Personal Data Act was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Inhouse Tech has therefore drafted a Privacy Policy outlining how we handle personal data. You can read it here.