Expert support in one of Sweden’s biggest infrastructure projects

Project: Västlänken

Project category: Bridges & civil structures

Client: Trafikverket

Year: 2028

Inhouse Tech has been involved in the construction of the West Link railway project since 2012. We have drafted requirements, site analyses and tender documents, and have generally served as an expert consultant to the Swedish Transport Administration (STA). The double track railway tunnel currently being built beneath central Gothenburg will have stations at Gothenburg Central, Haga and Korsvägen. In the north the West Link will connect to the Western Main Line via six long railway bridges to the grade-separated junction at Olskroken, and in the south it connects to the West Coast Line.

The project in brief


Underground challenges

The underground sections of the West Link comprise 6 km of railway – 4 of these pass through rock, and the other two through soil and clay.


Three stations. Seven bridges.

Three underground stations are being built at Gothenburg Central, Hagakyrkan and Korsvägen. A sister project is converting the Olskroken junction into several different levels of grade-separate tracks and comprises six railway bridges, one walking/cycling bridge and 10 km of single track.


10 years working together

Inhouse Tech was brought in by the STA back in 2012 to draft requirements and site analyses for building works within the framework of the West Link Project. Since 2017 we have been working as an advisor and expert consultant to STA specialists.