Welcome Hassan, Celine and Emil!

Inhouse Tech continues to grow, and we welcome three new members to our team!

Hassan Wehbe is joining our Buildings department as a CAD/BIM project engineer. Hassan studied to be a construction designer at Kungsbacka Vocational College. After that he spent seven years as a project planner, administrator and coordinator, working on hospitals, homes, production plants, arenas and more.

 Celine Hagman is joining our Project Management department and is a recent graduate. She took her BSc in architecture at Luleå University of Technology, and her MSc in project management and organisation at Chalmers. At Inhouse Tech Celine will be an assistant project manager, working with projects such as Varner in Vänersborg and Påvelund School.

 Emil Nilsson is joining the Bridges & Civil Structures department as a bridge engineer. While studying he worked part-time at Atkins where he designed proposal documents, building documents and relationship documents for bridges and retaining walls. Emil has studied construction engineering with architecture in Helsingborg, followed by a civil engineering programme in Lund specialising in construction.

A warm welcome to you all!