Inhouse Tech lays foundation for extension of Forsåker

Construction of the first stage of Nya Forsåker in Mölndal, Gothenburg, is set to begin soon. Inhouse Tech is involved in preparing construction documents for bridges, supporting walls and water installation for the Mölndal River. The new water installation for the river will be a new concrete gully, situated in the same place as the existing river gully. The gully will have a regulated water flow in order to create a pleasant environment in the area. To achieve this, two bypass pipes will also be built, leading much of the water flow underground. Furthest downstream in the area, the gully and the bypass pipes will converge to form a large water zone with space for swimming.

One of the main challenges in the project is that water has to flow every minute of every day during construction, and because the new gully will be in virtually the same place as the existing one, the water will need to be diverted a couple of times over this period. Also, certain parts can only be built during the summer months when the water flow is lower, which makes it vital that everyone stays on schedule.

To be able to redirect the water to the bypass pipes during construction of the new concrete gully, the first stage is being built furthest upstream, where a water inlet for the bypass pipes is being installed. To manage the water during construction and the groundwater in the permanent phase, the plan is to cast a thick sealing plate. The inlet will then be cast onto the sealing plate in order to hold the structure down and counter the upward-lifting water pressure.

In the early stages, the lower part of the river gully and a new bridge called Diagonalbron will also be built. This section will then connect to the existing part of the Mölndal River.